Staying Sane When Dealing with a Hectic New Employer

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When you start a new job, you want to make the best possible impression. This sometimes means staying sane when you feel like you are overwhelmed by your new employer and workload. Transitioning to a different job, especially one that is fast paced, is often extremely stressful. Here's how to keep everything under control.

If you're new to your job, keep in mind that it takes approximately one month before you feel comfortable with your job duties and your new employer. During that month, it is your job to learn as much as you can about the company culture, the company's plans for the future and the goals for your position. Don't worry if you feel stressed out; it's a natural part of absorbing this much new information at once.

In that first critical month, don't be afraid to ask for help or clarification whenever you need it. You are probably still learning names and job duties and figuring out how your work fits into the team hierarchy. Be patient with yourself, and above all, display an enthusiasm for your work and an eagerness to learn the ropes. That type of attitude makes a positive impression on your new employer, even if you make a few mistakes during this initial training period.

After the first month, employers expect you to start working at full capacity. This is when many people begin to get stressed: they are still relatively new to the job but are also in the middle of the hectic, fast-paced work environment. The situation worsens if you feel like your new employer is demanding more of you than can be completed within the standard workweek.

Staying sane involves engaging in positive self-care behavior and seeking outside help as necessary. Even if you feel like you have an overwhelming amount of work to do, take your regular breaks and your full lunch break. As Forbes notes, taking time to relax and recharge during your lunch break makes you more productive during the second half of the day. Try starting your lunch break with a few deep breaths to relax your body, and then go outside to refresh your mind. Other positive self-care behavior includes taking regular stretch breaks and drinking plenty of water.

If your new employer is extremely demanding, it is sometimes appropriate to seek outside help. Talk to other team members to make sure you are completing your work in the most efficient way possible. Talk to human resources if you feel like you are being given work that is outside the scope of your job. Even venting about your job to a good friend helps you go back the next morning with a smile on your face.

Working for a new employer is nearly always stressful, especially during your first few months on the job. Follow these steps to keep stress and anxiety under control and complete your work in a way that makes a fantastic first impression.


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